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Hair Donations

Welcome to our Wig Program!

Hair Massacure proudly continues to partner with 360 Hair Inc – the only wig manufacturer in Canada that accepts quality donated hair from donors for the purpose of donating back custom quality wigs to recipients in Canada with cancer under the age of 19,  free of all charge. http://360-hair.com/how-to-donate-hair/

360 Hair strives for excellence, and so do we!

Please be advised, we accept a MINIMUM of 10 inches of healthy hair  respecting the standards set for the vast majority of young patients requesting long haired wigs.

Interest in hair donation continues to increase significantly every year.  Thanks to our donors, Hair Massacure is able to take your hair donations and help kids through 360 suffering from hair loss caused by chemotherapy.

Losing hair can be very sudden or gradual. Either way it is devastating to a patient. A wig can lift the spirits of patients who have experienced hair loss.  Did you know that an average quality wig can cost $3,000.00 -$5,000.00?  These comolimentary wigs are meant to last 3 years and the recipient can ask for any colour or style.

We do our very best to maintain the best service to our donors, however, due to the increase in donations our stylists have a limited amount of time to process donations. Haircuts will be very quick and basic. Unfortunately, providing a “salon experience” is no longer possible.  If you wish a more elaborate hair style you need to book a follow up with your own hairstylist.

Hair donations can also be made throughout the year by sending your hair donation directly to:
360 Hair Inc.
5952 200th St Langley BC
V3A 1N3

Thank you for your consideration in contributing to our wig program.




Please see  360 Hair Inc’s  to find out how you can donate anytime of the year.

360 Hair Inc.
5952 200th St Langley BC
V3A 1N3