FAQ Page

 Do I need to pre-drop my pledges if I am with a school or team?

YES PLEASE! This process is a win win for groups and schools, saving valuable time at our registration tables at the mall and a big win for us and our participants preventing bottle necking at the event.  Please call us at 587-881-0062 or email us at questions@hairmassacure.com to book your appointment.


Do I need to book a shave time with my school or team?

Absolutely! We strongly encourage you book a time slot to fit your group in, making pictures easier to grab when you are together.  Book early to get your preferred time!

Can I collect pledges both on & off line?

Yes. Register for the Hair Massacure online and you can create your own page to collect pledges. The website is secure and best of all, your donors can write a personal message of encouragement.

        You can also download and print off your pledge package, forms and envelope

Adding cash/cheque collections to your total on-line

Can I donate my hair at the event?

YES! Hair must be at least 10 inches long, clean, dry, healthy and unlayered.  Donated hair must fit these high standards of our partners at 360 Hair  who strive for providing high quality wigs that meet the wishes of their recipients who they donate back to (kids under 19 who have incurred hairloss during chemotherapy treatment)

Did you know that the majority of requests are for long hair? This is why the standard is a minimum of 10 inches.

Can I issue a friendly challenge to another school or team?

Absolutely! It’s fun, and many do it! If you are registered online, you can put this challenge in your message, and you can also track your competitors.

Can I pink long hair?

Our participating salons will pink short hair only due to the time involved and the amount of product required. Why not help other children by donating your hair instead? See the hair donation page for more information. If you are pinking your hair at home, you are free to streak long hair, or do your whole head, but we encourage you to consider hair donation instead.

Can I purchase pink at a store instead of going to a salon?

YES! KALI PINK by Manic Panic is available for retail purchase at participating salons and stores. This product is a very convenient and a popular choice for many participants. It’s also a good choice for touch ups after the salon.

Can I register as a team (friends, clubs, sports teams, co-workers or families)?

Yes. Plus you can still register individually & collect pledges. When you register, specify what group you are from. Include both your name & your group name on your registration form. We will then be able to keep track of the amount your group raised along with your individual total. You can also register your team online.

Can I still donate my hair if it is pink?

Unfortunately, hair for donation needs to be untreated. Consider these options: cut the hair for donation first, then pink what is left (even if it’s just enough to spike), or leave long hair untreated to donate at the event, but pink your bangs or a small section to attract attention.

Pink hair that is cut or shaved is given to Greencircle salons and used to assist with the cleanup of oil spills.

Can I volunteer for this event?

Yes please! We love our volunteers – and couldn’t run the event without them. Volunteer positions fill up quickly, as we have many returning volunteers from year to year. However, if you are interested, visit our volunteer page for contact information.

Can my school or team hold its own “Hair Massacure”?

 Hair Massacure is all about the creation of unity, whether its at the mall (which we much prefer) or within a school or community.  There is a special feeling that you can’t escape while at the big event at West Edmonton Mall. We work hard at planning an ‘experience’ for our supporters.  Here at the mall you can enjoy the great entertainment, possibly meet one of the founding family members,  and pick up your toque (if you have shaved and or donated your locks) and a Kali Bear (if you have raised $500.00 or more in pledges).  we hope that you will consider the Ice Palace as your destination to shave, donate, drop off your pledges or donations.

That all said, a satellite event is convenient for those who live out of town. See our off-site events page under schools and teams to learn how to set up your own event!

Do I have to be a certain age to shave?

There is no age restriction at all. Our youngest participant was a 2-month old baby, with the oldest at 82. Grandparents and younger siblings…..this means you can get involved too!

Do I have to bleach first prior to pinking?

We highly recommend that you do.   Bleaching  removes pigment and roughens up the cuticle in the hair, allowing the colour to adhere. Pre-bleaching is the only way to create our signature hot pink that “pops”!  Darker hair will not pink, it will result in a purply tone.  Pinking over blonde or grey hair is an option but will fade quickly, and you will likely need to touch up with Kali Pink.

 If you are going to shave it all off, you don’t need to worry about drying the hair. Bleaching can be done at home to save time at a salon pinking, just remember to add 2 packages of artificial sweetener to your bleach to decrease the sensitivity on the scalp.

Do I have to pink my hair prior to shaving?

NO. There are no expectations to shave or to pink.  The idea is to create awareness by demonstrating to your community that you are proudly supporting our cause.  It is uncomfortable to stand out for many, and that’s the whole point. It raises the bar! This is why pinking is also seen as a sacrifice, particularly if you live in an area that is unfamiliar to the campaign.  For the greater Edmonton area, a pink head is a highly identified and respected. To ‘Go Pink” – you  have made a very visible commitment to helping kids with life-threatening illnesses.

Do I have to shave once I go pink?

  A pink head sends a message that it will soon become a shaved head. We encourage you to visit the History page to learn about the origins of this headshave, and fully understand the reasons behind shaving. This is not primarily a “hair dying” event. Having said that, some participants (“fundraisers”) do not feel comfortable with shaving, but wish to be pink and raise pledges. As long as donors are informed prior to pledging, it’s cool. “Pinkers” raise a lot of money for the Massacure and they too are valued and appreciated! Just remember, once pink… you are stuck with it until it fades or is bleached out.

Do you have t-shirts and souvenirs available for purchase?

YES, t-shirts, bags, and other Massacure items are available for on-line purchase and on-site at our event in Edmonton!  Our store provides a way to promote yourself, school or team prior to the big day!

How can I inspire my school to do this?

Talk to your teachers and principal about your idea. Make your intentions known around the school including your own plans to participate. Use the website as a tool for information. Have your teacher or principal contact us to arrange for a school presentation – we’ll supply a speaker and information, you supply your enthusiasm to recruit as many students and teachers as possible! See our School Page  for tips!

I am nervous to shave my head. Is it scary? What are my other options?

Many people have this fear but are pleasantly surprised once they have made the commitment. It has been noted over the years that the experience is fun and very rewarding. Our friendly stylists will help you feel relaxed. Knowing that you are sharing this great experience with others around you, you will walk away with great memories and much pride for such a meaningful sacrifice.  Shaving your head is a life changer for many people. Besides, a bald head is a beautiful head!

If we have an in house school or team shave, does it HAVE to take place on the day of the event?

No, and in fact timing may be one of the reasons you are having your own event rather than coming to the mall. We request that shaves take place within a few weeks of our main event, to keep the momentum and sense of unity that is so important to Hair Massacure. Remember that all money and hair donations must be turned in by the end of April in order to be counted for that year’s total. See the schools and teams page for helpful information about offsite events.

Should I come to the mall if I am just fundraising and not shaving?

Absolutely!! Bring your pledges and enjoy the experience! Being there to see how many other people support this cause can be very rewarding. Plus, you never know who you will see there!

What is involved with hair donations? What happens to the hair after it is cut?

Hair donation is growing in popularity at Hair Massacure.  Please be advised that we are collecting only 10 inch unlayered, healthy hair.  We are striving for excellence, fulfilling the best intentions of our hair donors and wig donors at 360 Hair .   Once at the mall, we will be collecting these beautiful locks by experienced stylists. Due to the volume of donations. we are no longer able to provide a finished cute and hair style. Donors will receive a quick basic trim following the processing.

If a specific hairstyle is wanted, we ask that you follow-up with your hairstylist or have your donation processed in salon prior to dropping off at the mall with your pledges.

Once the hair is collected, we send it to 360 Hair in Langley BC where it is used to manufacture high quality wigs for children under 19 who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy treatment. The wigs are custom made for them and gifted free of charge at 360’s expense.   See our hair donation page for more details.

Why a head shave?

The St. Valentine’s Day Hair Massacre originated as a headshave for the very purpose of honouring  cancer patients who have incurred hair loss.  At the time Founder Gordon MacDonald initiated the event out of support for young Kali who had  recurring bouts of hair-loss during her 33 months of chemotherapy treatments.

The act of shaving allows  (Proud Victims) to experience for a short time a small window into the journey of a cancer patient.  Shaving and fundraising for these children shows them that they are beautiful in spite of their illness and worth the sacrifice.

Why pink hair?

Pink hair initially resulted from a dare within the founding family, and quickly snowballed into its incredible popularity today. Pink is a Valentine’s Day color, which, at the time fell in suit with its original event date on Feb 14th as the

St. ‘Valentine’s Day Hair Massacre’.  Pink hair is our signature trademark demonstrating support for the cause.

It is not mandatory to pink.  Our pink campaign is a short window to demonstrate your involvement! It runs for 3-4 weeks prior to our events.